Outdoor Housing and Play yards for dogs
If your dogs have access to outdoor housing or play yards, in addition to the Group Housing requirements ensure:
  • The dogs are removed or can retreat from inclement weather
  • The materials of the outdoor housing/play yard are weatherproof
  • That the enclosure is escape-proof and provides protection from predators
  • That where possible, the enclosure or play yard are in an area that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
Benefits to outdoor housing and play yards:
  • Allows for time outside of the kennel, with or without human interaction
  • The dogs get much needed aerobic exercise and consequently are more relaxed while in their kennel. This is particularly beneficial for those that are challenged by confinement.
  • Dogs are given the opportunity to express normal behaviours, such as running, digging, playing and smelling
  • The outdoor environment stimulates all five of the dog’s senses, which is very enriching