How can we reduce or utilize touch and tactile stimulito help an animal feel more calm and comfortable with us during their stay in our care?

Animals can be stressed by, and can even develop fear responses to, the surfaces they come in contact with.

Reduce unpleasant tactile stimulation:

  • Keep changes in surfaces to a minimum, eg. rubber mats, carpet or gravel that may frighten an animal that is not accustomed to walking on them
  • Exposure to new surfaces may also result in injury if an animal slips and falls while trying to avoid them
  • Avoid slippery table or floor surfaces
  • Lay down towels on any stainless steel table tops to provide traction while performing examinations or other procedures
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations to ensure the animals’ comfort
  • Avoid exposing the animal to surfaces that are vastly different from their body temperature

Introduce pleasant tactile stimulation:

  • Provide soft, comfortable bedding that is appropriate for the species, size, health or age of animal
  • Provide consistent cat litter substrate, as part of the routine daily care
  • Offer scratching posts for all cats
  • Provide a variety of options, including resting areas, and play areas with different surfaces